The Simple PDF that made our lives format free

Portable Document Files – We all use it but very few know about its origin.

It was Dr. John E. Warnock who went on to become Adobe chairman who can be credited as the inventor of PDF. When Windows and Desktop Publishing became a house hold name, carrying files in its exact format became a challenge. The file you transmitted was not seen in the exact format you made it. It is said that a language known as Postscript was developed to manage this anomaly which later was expanded as PDF and whichwent on to become one of the most used formats in history. You can read more on it here.

Adobe went further in investing a huge amount of money and technology in refining PDF which could be edited or forms which could be filled. But Readdle, the company which makes productivity apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac recently released a PDF App – PDFExpert6 – for iPhone and iPad with PDF editing features.

Not only did they put the function to edit PDF text and images but it also could add links, hide sensitive information, and work directly from the cloud without downloading files. Good things don’t come free. But for those who are into documents, this is a must for their iOS devices. Go for it.

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