While iOS is a good listener, Android is not

How often, as an Android user, you have felt cheated by the promise of your phone manufacturer promising “Guaranteed upgrade” to the next Android version? More often you tend to forget that there was ever a promise because, by the time you remember, you may have changed your phone and along with it another promise.

Apart from Samsung, very few manufacturers keep their promise because it is not Google – the original owner of Android – which promises you but the phone manufacturers and most of them are known for their poor after sales service too.

The promises actually began to galore since Android launched Gingerbread. Phones with this version were promised to upgrade to Ice cream sandwich or even Jelly Bean. It didn’t happen in most cases.

Then Lollipop was guaranteed to get upgraded to Marshmallow. Instead, these manufacturers started building new models with an upgraded version without bothering their promise.

Now the promise of Nougat is hardly visible because people have stopped asking questions. These manufacturers are answerable to no one as Google is not going to ask them whether they have kept their promises or not.

This is where Apple stands out because they own not only the hardware but operating system too. This fall when iOS 11 is introduced, Apple will take care of some of the best feedback it has got from the users and they are worth trying. It was evident at the WWDC this year as it unleashed some of the features we thought of having on our device but never had.

Very often we thought of why videos or audios recorded on an iPhone or iPad was not compatible with other devices. It takes care of in the coming version. We had also thought of the huge size of pictures and videos. It is also taken care. And the biggest worry was whether this upgrade will be applied to iPhone 5s devices, one of the biggest sold products by Apple. The good news is that it will.

There are many new features iOS 11 will be releasing and each one of them is as marvellous as its predecessors. One of the cool elements of this release is that you can do away with your laptops and instead carry iPads for your work. And this is what I have been waiting for years.

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