Installing Softaculous on cPanel server

Softaculous is an Auto Installer having numerous scripts. Softaculous is ideal for Web Hosting companies and it could give a significant boost to your sales. Softaculous can be installed on cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx. Unlike other auto installers Softaculous is much faster, well designed and it installs all scripts in just ONE STEP.

After installing Softaculous you are able to manage many scripts simply via account’s cPanel. In a WHM / cPanel server we can use the Softaculous as an addon, which manage all installations.

How to install Softaculous on cPanel server?

The php extension IonCubeLoader must be enabled on your server for the Softaculous installation. The installation is very simple and it has only a few steps. Here, we are going to explain installation steps.

Installation Steps

Method I

From server CLI (Command Line Interface).

Step I : Log into server as root user.

Step II : Download the installation script.

wget -N

Step III : Change the file permission and execute the script.

chmod 755

Method II 

From WHM control panel

Step I : First you need to download the script into the following location:

cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi
wget -N

Step II : Change the file permission to executable:

chmod 755 addon_softaculous.php

Step III : Log into WHM and do the following steps

WHM –> Plugins–> softaculous– Instant Installs
That’s it

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