How to install ClamAV on a cPanel server

Here I’m explaining the steps to install ClamAV on a cPanel server. Before proceeding with this, first you need to make sure WHM plugin clamavconnector is not installed. Check WHM >> Manage plugins Step1: If you would like to verify ClamAV’s digital signatures on the virus definition files as they are updated through freshclam, you need to install GMP first. #…

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Blocking accounts from sending emails – cPanel/WHM

Is it possible to block certain domains/accounts on my server for sending emails? It’s possible to block certain domains from sending emails from server. There is an option in Exim configuration on your cPanel server to block domains from sending emails. This can be done by adding those domains into “/etc/blockeddomains” this configuration file. Here I’m going to explain the steps to…

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